The Romani Literature Club (ROLIK) is the association of the authors of poetry and prose who are inspired by life of Roma. ROLIK was founded in 2009 in Banská Bystrica, based on the initiative of the Association of the Romani Initiatives, its founding member is Mgr. Marián Balog. The aim of the club is to present the literary works of Romanies and the ones about Romanies. The discussion with the members of the Romani Literature Club was done in Banská Bystrica, on April 29, 2016. The video records the discussions with Ivana Cicková, Mgr. Marián Balog, Milan Berko and Zlatica Rusová. The discussion provides information about the works of the individual authors, their first step in writing. The discussion takes a form of the dialogue between the respective authors and Mgr. Marián Balog. In the discussion the participants mention the names of the prominent personalities known from the Romani cultural and social environment, their significance for the Romani literarz and informational and academic work.

copyright: State Scientific Library in Prešov

Author: Roma Center

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