The photographs of a workroom of outstanding Romani woodcarver and sculptor, Ondrej Gadžor. Ondrej Gadžor (9. 7. 1956 – 19.10.2013) – the native of Krásna nad Hornádom village, began with woodcarving at the age of 24. He worked with various types of material – stone, even with horn or shells, but especially with wood. He developed a unique sculptural handwriting, influenced by the school of the academic sculptor Vojtech Löfller, in whose atelier he worked for eleven years.Among the main themes stands a woman.  He had several solo exhibitions, he regularly attended sculpture open air events. He performed at several solo exhibitions home and abroad. His works are exhibited i. a. also in Los Angeles, or the Vatican and many are part of the collections of museums in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic (East Slovak Museum in Košice, SNM-Museum of Romani Culture in Slovakia in Martin, Vojtech Löffler Museum in Košice, Museum of Romani Culture in Brno).

copyright: State Scientific Library in Prešov

recorded: 06. 06. 2013

Author: Roma Center

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