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Zargari (or Romāno, as it is called by its speakers) is the only genuine Indo-Aryan language still spoken in Iran. The purpose of this article, which is mainly based on the author’s field work, is (a) to provide a brief, but at the same time precise, description of the main characteristics of Zargari phonology, morphology, syntax and lexicon, and (b) to examine the influences of Āzari Turkish and Persian on Zargari, which in some cases distinguish it from other Indo-Aryan languages, such as a tendency towards deaspiration, the existence of the phonemes /ö/ and /ü/, vowel harmony and the syllabic structure CV(CC).

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Baghbidi, H.R.(2003) The Zargari language: and endangered European Romani in İran, Liverpool Univesity Press Online 13(2)pp. 123–148


Author: Roma Center

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