Jozef Fečo is an amateur graphic artist who graduated at the Secondary Art School in Prešov. He studied wood design and carving. In 2011, he actively started to create his own works with his first work being the painting of Jesus on canvas. A series of ten fine art portraits of world famous personalities was created within the priority project “Live Books (word – video – audio)” supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic in April and May 2015. The artist Jozef Fečo prepared 9 portraits in his home environment in the village of Kračúnovce (May 2015). The tenth portrait was created in the premises of the Documentation and Information Centre of the Roma Culture, in September 2015. The person depicted in the portrait is Rosa Sofia Ingeborg Taikon (30. July 1926). She graduated from the Collage of Fine Arts, in 1966. Her art-craft creations are based on the traditional Romani patterns, they are enriched by motifs from India, with final touch of her own fantasy. In addition to the arts, Rosa Taikon participated on political and social activities related to Roma. In 2013, she was awarded with the Olof Palme Prize, for her lifelong fight for human rights. Painting dimensions: 120 cm (w) x 100 cm (h). Painted on plasterboard in a pop-art style.

author: Jozef Fečo

copyright: State Scientific Library in Prešov

recorded: 18. 05. 2015

Author: Roma Center

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