The digital object consists of 8 pieces of art work by the pupils from the Elementary School, Jarovnice 192, which were taken out and sent to the international fine arts competitions.
The authors of the works are the following students: Damián Giňa (7.D), Vanesa Popušová-Giňová (5.D), Marianna Červeňáková (4.B), Jaroslava Kalejová (7.A), Jakub Popuša (4.B), Marianna Červeňáková (4.A), Kevin Giňa (6.C), Jozef Gabčo (4.A)
The works’ motives are portraits of human faces. The pupils use the tempera painting. The school is known for getting many awards for the fine arts works, both at home and abroad (i.e. India, Japan, Portugal, USA, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Macedonia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iran…). Thel pupils are taught by the teacher Mgr. Jan Sajko. Their independent exhibitions took place in many cities, such as Washington D.C., Boston, Palm Beach, Hannover, Strassbourg, Brussels, Graz, Warsaw, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Cracow, Bratislava, Kosice, Martin, Presov, Sabinov. Young authors come from socially disadvantaged communities.

copyright: State Scientific Library in Prešov

Author: Roma Center

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