Marie Olahova (1963-), known as Marysha from Detva, is the art director, the director of the signing section and dance pedagogue of the Romani folk ensemble Romka. The ensemble was founded bz Juraj Berky and Lubomir Olah in Detva in 1987. Marysha started working in the ensemble in 1989. She worked with hundreds of the Romani children and young people. Narration of Marie Olahova was recorded on July 20, 2016, in the Center for Leisure Time Activities Trend,  in Detva. In it she explaines how the costumes are chosen, as well as music or songs and provides information about the main influences and personalities who formed and influenced the ensemble. She thinks about what defines Roma, what is Romani music and Romani culture.

copyright: State Scientific Library in Prešov


Author: Roma Center

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