Sarlota Bottova graduated from the Comprehensive School in Rimavska Sobota as a cosmetician. Her interest in fine arts began during her studies at high school, where the classes of aesthetics allowed her getting the first experience with portraing. Her knowledge of fine arts comes from sef-education, using the resources accessible on internet and from literature. Her preferred drawing instruments are graphite pencils.
Exhibitions so far:
2017 – The Library of Professor Štefan Pasiar in Hnúšta
2017 – Exchanger, Vazecka street, Kosice
2016 – The Open Door Gallery, Prague
The drawing is the portrait of the siblings Maco and Mamuko (Julius Bihari, Alexander Bihari), who are authors and singers of the traditional romani songs, in dancing arrangement.
Base material: drawing paper, format A2
Technique: drawing – graphite pencils

author: Šarlota Bottová

copyright: Štátna vedecká knižnica v Prešove

Author: Roma Center

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