Jozef Banyák (1958) was born in Podunajské Biskupice. In 1982 he graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava with MA degree in film and television direction. He speaks English, German, Hungarian, Russian and Spanish. In years 1981 – 1993 he worked in Slovak television as an assistant director, director and screenwriter. In the 1990s he wrote and directed several television fairy-tales, many of them worked with a theme of Romani legends: O ZORALI a DVOCH BRATOCH (About Zorali and the two brothers), O KRÁSNEJ STRIGE (About the beautiful Witch), ZLATÝ HLAS (Golden Voice).

Jozef Banyák also worked with a documentary genre. He created many documentary films for STV (RTVS –  state-owned nationwide public broadcasting TV and radio), mostly with a social, ethnic and cultural themes: DIETKY NEVINNÉ (Innocent Children), TANEC JE ŽIVOT (Dance is Life), Z RUDŇAN DO BRONXU (From Rudňany to Bronx). He created also few parts of a documetary series V TIENI (In the Shade), for TV Markiza.

Since 1991, he regularly cooperates with a foreign film crews, mostly from Hollywood, filmmaking the movies in Slovakia: DRAGONHEART I., II., LUCAS B., 32nd OCTOBER, KULL THE CONQUEROR, UPRISING, etc.

In years 2008 – 2009 he created a documentary TV series of 8 parts, about the work of Slovak scientists (screenwriter, producer, director and cinematographer) called SPEKTRUM VEDY (Science Spectrum).

Since 2009 he works as a freelancer author. He is a chairman of a civic association OKNO (Window).

Other works:

2010, 2011 – KINORAMA, cultural TV magazine STV about the world of film (screenwriter, producer, director and cinematographer)

2010 – AJ KONE SA HRAJÚ (The Horses are also playing) – 65 min. movie for children (RTVS), script, directot

2010 – OLÉ, ZÁPRAŽKA (Olé, Roux) – 85 min. commedy (RTVS), script, screenplay, director

2011 – KROK Z AKROKOM (Step by Step) – documentary film about the succesful projects in solving problems of socially excluded Romani communities.

Other documentary films with a national themes: ŠPECIÁLNA INTEGRÁCIA (Special Integration) (2012), REPORTER (2013), ČAVALE (Chavale) (2013), CHLIEB AJ HRY (Bread and Games) (2014), Z BRATISLAVY DO RUDŇAN A ĎALEJ (From Bratislava to Rudňany and Further) (2014), V ÚTVARE (In the Labour Crew) (2014).

KVETY A KORENE (The Flowers and the Roots) – film about an American poet with a Slovak roots, James Ragan.

copyright: State Scientific Library in Prešov

recorded: 20. 04. 2015

Author: Roma Center

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