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The drawing named A Cold Touch of Lost Morning was produced as the illustration for poems’s collection with the same title, by the author Roman Gorol. The drawing in A4 format, on paper, was used as front picture on the cover of the poem’s collection published in 2016 by the State Research Library in Presov.
Martin Kaleja-Januv (1984-) was born in the Romani settlement in Jarovnice where he remains living. His relationship with fine arts started building up during his years at the Elementary school in Jarovnice when guided by the fine arts’ teacher Jan Sajko. He continued his studies at the Secondary School of Arts in Presov, specializing in the field of Design and Woodcurving. Beside drawing and painting, he works with wood as well, portraying mainly sacral themes. Currently, Martin Kaleja-Januv works as the teacher’s assistant at the Elementary school in Jarovnice.

author: Martin Kaleja-Januv

copyright: State Scientific Library in Prešov

Author: Roma Center

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